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- Floral Art
- Horticulture
- Produce
- Home Produce A & B
- Handicrafts
Visual Arts
- Junior Classes
- Photography
All entries in by 19th August please

Floral Art 2013


Accessories to be allowed in all classes. Exhibits to be staged on trestle tables in a marquee.

Overall title-  "COUNTRY LIVING"

Class 1 - "National Eisteddfod of Wales"

A pedestal exhibit
Floor space allowed 120cm x 120cm, height unrestricted.
Judged from the front. An accessory/drape may be included.
Competitor to provide own pedestal and base, if required.

Class 2 - "Just Foliage" 

A Foliage exhibit. 
Space allowed 60cm wide x 60cm deep, height optional.

1st prize sponsored by Mrs K. Rocke

Class 3 - "Lillies"

An exhibit featuring wood.
Space allowed 60cm wide x 60cm deep, height optional

Class 4 - " In the Kitchen" - A Table Exhibit including fruit and vegetables
Show will provide table if required [ please state on entry form ]
Space allowed 60cm wide x 60cm deep, height  optional.

Class 5 -  " Song and Dance" - An exhibit.
Space allowed 40cm wide x 40cm deep, height optional. 


Class 6 - "F rom my Garden" 
An exhibit featuring garden plant material.
Space allowed 60cm wide x 60cm deep, height optional

Class 7 -  " Your Favourite Hobby" - An exhibit
Space allowed 60cm wide x 60cm deep, height optional
Open to those who have not won a prize at this show

All exhibits must be staged between 6pm and 9pm on Friday or between 7am and 10.30 am on Saturday.


Entry Fee to all classes per item is 50p

Prizes .....Class 1 1st £30, 2nd £ 20, 3rd £10

Class 2 1st £20, 2nd £ 10, 3rd £5.

Classes 3,4,5,6,7. 1st £10, 2nd £ 5 3rd £3

Horticulture 2013

Classes 9,10 will be staged in the pens. Each pen is 6’ 6”/198cms. In depth x 4’6” /145 cms. wide
Exhibitors will not be allowed to sell produce from their exhibit until 4pm. 

9 Display of Pot plants or Cut Flowers 1st prize £20 2nd £10 3rd £5

10 Collection of Hobby Plants arranged for effect as a table top display
1st prize £20, 2nd £10, 3rd £5

Entry fee to classes 9 and 10 is 50p


a] 15 pickling shallots - not to exheed 30mm.

b] 7 onions over 250grms.

c] 7 coloured potatoes.

d] 15 pods of peas.

e] 15 pods of runner beans.

f] 5 long pointed carrots - with tops cut.

g] 3 lettuce.

h] 5 beetroot - any variety with tops cut.

i] 3 leeks other than pot.

j] 5 sticks of rhubarb.

k] basket of vegetables - 7 distinct varieties - table quality.

basket not to exceed 2ft x 1ft x 6 inch/ 60 cms x 30 cms x 15 cms.

Entry fee to class 11.......classes a to inclusive k  - 25p

classes a - j inclusive 1st prize 2, 2nd £1.00,  3rd 50p

class k 1st  £4.00,  2nd £2.00,  3rd £1,00

A limited number of green vase
s will be available on loan from the Secretary for the display of cut flowers in classes 13 to 31. Paper plates will also be available.

Novice Classes

13 A vase of cut flowers
14 Flowering or Foliage Pot Plant
Entry fees 25p per class
Prizes 1st £1, 2nd 75p, 3rd 50p.

Open Classes

15 A bowl or a basket of Sweet Peas- space not to exceed 2ft / 60 cms square
16 A vase of Sweet Peas 12 spikes- not to exceed 2ft / 60 cms square
17 A bowl or a basket of Dahlias – space allowed 2ft 6inch / 75 cms square
18 A vase of 3 Dahlias small cactus/semi cactus 4inch to 6inch / 10 cms to 15 cms diameter
19 A vase of 3 Dahlias small decorative 4inch to 6 inch / 10 cms to 15 cms diameter
20 A vase of 3 Dahlias distinct varieties
21 A vase of 3 Waterlily /Collaret Dahlias
22 A vase of 3 stems of Lillies
23 A vase of Gladioli – distinct varieties- 3 spikes
24 Single Hydrangea Head
25 A vase of mixed Cut Roses
26 Named Specimen Rose in a vase
27 A bowl of Floating Blooms , max 10 inch / 25 cms diameter
28 One vase of Annual Cut Flowers
29 One vase of Herbacious Cut Flowers
30 A vase of Chrysanthemums - 3 blooms
31 A vase of Phlox
32 6 Blooms of Pansies, not less than 3 distinct varieties on board not to exceed 12 inches / 30 cms
33 6 French Marigolds on a board not to exceed 12 inches / 30 cms
34 Specimen Pot Plant to be judged for its foliage only -  7inch/18cm diameter pot max
35 A Specimen Plant in a pot – max 7inch /18 cms diameter
36 3 distinct varieties of Flowering Pot Plants in pots max 6 inch / 15 cms diameter
37 1 specimen Fuchsia Pot Plant in 7inch/18cms pot max diameter.
38 A Geranium Pot Plant -  pot not to exceed 7 inch / 18 cms diameter
39 Cactus or Succulent in suitable container
40 1 Hanging Basket – exhibitor to bring own hook and chain. Max basket size 16 inches / 40 cms
41 Window Box or Patio container of growing plants – Window Box measurements not to exceed 3ft long X 9inch
wide X 12 inch high. Patio Container not to exceed 16" diameter/40cms.

Entry fees classes 13 to 41 inclusive 25p
Prizes classes 15, 17, 36.......... 1st £4, 2nd £2, 3rd £1
Prizes classes 40, 41................1st £10, 2nd £5, 3rd £2
All other classes .....................1st £2, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p

To visit gardens open for charity go to; 

The National Garden Scheme

A. Bridges

Produce 2013





Open Classes

42 Collection of 5 named herbs
43 Dish of 5 tomatoes with calyx
44 A dish of 10 Cherry Tomatoes with calyx
45 Heaviest truss of Tomatoes
46 Hanging basket of Herbs - 14 inch / 35 cms basket;  please provide hook and chain
47 3 Leeks - other than pot.
48 3 Courgettes
49 3 Onions over 250gms

50 5 Onions 250gms or under                                                                                              
51 12 Pickling Shallots – not to exceed 30mm
52 12 Shallots - large
53 A Marrow
54 A collection of 4 vegetables – one of each kind – excluding tomatoes
55 5 White Potatoes
56 5 Coloured Potatoes
57 9 Pods of Peas
58 9 pods of Runner Beans
59 3 long, pointed Carrots - with tops cut
60 3 Carrots other than long pointed
61 9 dwarf French Beans
62 9 Chillies - any varieties
63 1 Lettuce - any type
64 Basket of Salad - basket not to exceed 18i nch x 12 inch / 45 cms x 30 cms
65 Dish of 3 Beetroot - one variety - with tops cut
66 2 Green Cabbage
67 Longest Runner Bean - attatch card stating length
68 One Flower and one Vegetable
69 3 parsnips
70 A plate of  vegetables not listed in schedule - 

71 A mini collection of 3 kinds of vegetables - 2 of each kind 
72 3 Apples- one variety
73 Tray of 4 different fruits grown in the open- one of each kind
74 Dish of 15 Raspberries
75 Dish of 15 Strawberries
76 RUTHIN GARDENERS ONLY -Basket of Vegetables.- 5 distinct varieties, table top quality.

Basket not to exceed 2ft x 1 ft x 6 inch / 60 cms. x 30 cms x 15 cms.

Novice Classes

77 Small basket of Salad Vegetables - 3 varieties
78 Collection of 3 named Herbs

Entry fee to classes 42 to 78 inclusive 25p
Prizes for classes 46, 49, 64, 70.......1st £4, 2nd £2, 3rd £1
Prizes all other classes.....................1st £2, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p

Home Produce and Handicrafts to be staged in a marquee.


79 A jar of Onion Chutney
80 A jar of Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve
81 A jar of Strawberry Jam
82 A small jar of Marmalade- any type
83 A small jar of Lemon Curd
84 A small jar of Gooseberry
85 A small jar of Mango Chutney
86 A "Healthy Eating" Picnic for The National Eisteddfod in Denbigh for 2 people to include 2 homemade items  in a small container

A. Bridges


87 A Victoria Sandwich cake - max 7 inch / 18 cms diameter
88 A Swiss Roll - any filling
89 5 cupcakes - theme "The National Eisteddfod of Wales"
90 6 Welsh Cakes 
91 6 Lemon Tarts
92 Gentleman’ Competition - 
A Sponge Cake with jam and cream filling  - Prize- A bottle of whiskey
93 Ladies Competition - A small Bara Brith - Prize- A bottle of sherry

Entry Fee for each class 25p
1st Prize £2 , 2nd £1, 3rd 50p
Class 86 1st £10,2nd £5, 3rd £2
Classes 92,93 as above

Home Produce and Handicrafts to be staged in a marquee


98 A Handmade item of jewelery
99 A knitted  Matinee Coat/ Cardigan for a baby
100 A pair of fingerless gloves
101 A waistcoat [any medium or size]
102 Decorate a small /medium matchbox and fill with as many various items as possible [items will be counted]
103 “Make Do and Mend “- a new item from old. Please state source of material on card with the item
104 An item of quilting max 24" x 24" / 61 cms x 61 cms
105  A Childs Cushion - any medium - no larger than 40 cms x 40 cms.
106 A small item made of or decorated with Handmade Lace
107 Make an item , of max 18 inch in length using the £5.00 Pack from "Threads", Ruthin. You can add up to 5 of your own items.

NB Pack will contain a piece of fabric and other items.

Entry fee all classes 25p
Prizes 1st £2 2nd £1 3rd 50p
Kits allowed in 107 only
Anything previously exhibited at the Ruthin Show should not be entered

VISUAL ARTS - Sponsored by Mrs A. Kelly-Gough 2013

114 Open Painting, any medium, "Life's a Bowl of Cherries"
115 Open Beginners,any medium. Drawing,Painting or Collage  "Winter Landscape" or "Trees"
116 Under 16 years,.Drawing "Abowl of Sweets" or " My Favourite Shoes"
117 Over 60's, Painting in any medium, "My Family" or  " Animals"

Entry Fees... 25p per entry
Prizes........1st £2, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p

A. Bridges


Section A 5years and under

120 My house - paint / crayon
121 A painted stone paperweight. 
122 Colour picture of squirrels in the shedule - any medium. click here

123 Trees - using coloured paper or paint

Section B 6 to10 years

124 Make a poster to advertize the 2013 National Eisteddfod in Denbigh
125 Colour picture of  Gardening" in the schedule - To download the image click here
126 A painted paperweight using red, white and green..
127 Any item of jewelery - any medium.
128 Paint / crayons "My ideal Garden" to include a play area for small children.
129 An animal made out of vegetables or fruit.
130 Colour picture of the picnic in the schedule
131 4 decorated cup cakes. 
132 Design a mobile phone cover.

Section C  11 to 16 years 2013

134 Design a rugby/football strip - male or female.
135 Pencil sketch of any animal

136Design and make an item of jewelery - any medium.
137 Paint a favourite landscape/ seascape
138 Create an item using wood
139 A pressed flower picture
140 Design an advertizing leaflet for a holiday resort in North Wales using I.T.
141Plan a meny for a Vegetarian -  present it on a Menu Card
142 A collage of a character from a Welsh Legend
143 5 decorated cup cakes

Entry to all classes free
Prizes 1st £2, 2nd £!, 3rd 50p in sections.... A, B, C


Junior Section - up to and including 18 years of age.
148 My friend/s or family [a photo of one or more people in a close-up as a portraitor doing something -
e.g. reading or knitting]
149 Colours and/or Shapes
Ruthin Camera Club will sponsor a £10 voucher for best in above two classes

No entry Fee for Junior Section.

Adult Section
150 Landscape 
151 A character, human or animal.
152 In my garden

Entry fee 25p per item per class
Prizes 1st £2, 2nd £1, 3rd 50p in all classes
Most points - One Year Free Membership to RUTHIN CAMERA CLUB in Adult Section only.
Runner up - A pack of Photographic paper donated by FINELINE, Ruthin



161  2 x 454g [1 lb] jars of light honey

162  2 x 454g [1lb] jars of medium honey.

163  2 x 454g [1lb] jars of dark honey.

164  2 x 454g [1lb] jars of granulated honey.

165  2 x 454g [1lb] jars of creamed [set] honey.

166  2 x 454g [1lb] jars of heather honey.

167  One shallow frame of honey suitable for extraction [ in a bee proof container]

168  One bottle of dry mead [ in a clear wine bottle with flanged cork]

169  One bottle of sweet mead [ in a clear wine bottle with a flanged cork]

170  One honey cake [ made to given recipe]

171  5 honey biscuits [ made to given recipe]

172  1 x 227g [8oz] container of cut comb honey.



173  2 identical moulded candles made from beeswax.

174  2 identical dipped candles made from beeswax

175  1 block of beeswax weighing between 198g [7oz] and 255g [ 9oz]

176  5 x 28g [1oz] identical blocks of beeswax.



113gm / 4oz  margarine or butter

86 gm / 3 oz  caster sugar

113 gm / 4 oz honey

2 eggs

170 gm / 6 oz plain flour

1 tsp. baking powder

454 gm / 1ib mixed fruit

2 tsp mixed spice

Half tsp. lemon juice

Milk to mix [ if necessary]

7 inch cake tin lined


Warm the oven, cream butter, sugar, honey. Add egg and flour alternatively. Add dried fruit, lemon juice and enough milk to make a fairly soft consistency. Pour into cake tin spreading evenly across. Bake at 350F or 180C for one @ quarter to one @ half hours.


360GM / 12 oz. porridge oats

120 GM / 4 oz plain flour

270 gm / 9oz packet of Stork or a firm baking marg.

90 gm / 3 oz honey

60 gm / 2 oz sugar


Mix all together. Roll out to a quarter inch. thickness on a well floured board. Cut into rounds. Bake at 325 F or 160 C for 15 - 20 mins. till golden.

Honey Show Rules

Please see the shedule or contact Secretary 01824704953 for a copy.


Entry Fee to all Honey Classes is 25p per item


1st prize £2.00, 2nd prize £1,00, 3rd prize 50p.

Most Points in Honey Classes - The Dransfield Cup.








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